Medical Education For All
Improving Global Healthcare

We strive to improve global healthcare quality and system capacity, through increased access to high-quality localised medical education.

How can our education platform help you?
Main features and benefits of using our learning resources

Quality education written by experts

Courses are written and maintained by an expert board of internationally recognised education leaders. Our courses are reviewed regularly and revised to ensure material is kept up to date and relevant.

Learning on the go with easy to use 24/7 access

Study wherever and whenever it suits you, with easy 24/7 online access via phone, tablet and computer. You can access our online medical education using any device.

Free access

We provide free access to students from developing countries. Healthcare professionals who are living in "WHO" Hinari Group A countries are eligible to apply.

How are we funded?
You may be interested to find out how/why we are able to provide free education.


We work with organisations whose mandate is to improve the health and wellbeing of people, with a focus on underserved communities.

Our authors

Some of our authors prefer to donate their time for free to allow us to provide bursaries for students wishing to undertake a course with us. Authors/tutors can undertake to donate their authoring remuneration to support this.

Match funding

For each fee paying student on our postgraduate diabetes diploma, we undertake to provide a free diabetes mastercourse place for a student living in a "WHO" Hinari Group A country.